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Terms of Service

- You must be over the age of 18 to purchase.

- All of our animals are guaranteed to be accurately represented, and in good health.

- Live arrival is guaranteed, as long as someone is there to sign for the package at first delivery attempt.

- All animals are shipped via FedEx for next day delivery, through Reptiles2You, in boxes clearly labeled “LIVE ANIMAL” with heat/cool packs when needed.


- Shipping cost is included in listed price of the animal.


- We will not ship in temperatures lower than 40 degrees or higher than upper 90s.

- If an animal arrives deceased or there is a concern, we must be notified within 1 hour of the carrier's delivery timestamp in order to process a return or refund. Video must be provided.

- Young animals are sexed to the best of our ability. We are usually accurate, but gender is considered "probable" and is NOT guaranteed on hatchlings, unless otherwise stated.

- We can not hold an animal without full payment.

- We reserve the right to decline a sale, at our discretion.

- We assume that before buying your new pet, you have researched its proper care requirements, and are prepared to bring your new pet home into a correct environment where it will continue to thrive. We cannot stress how important this is!

- We are always happy to offer continued support, answer questions that arise, etc.

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